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No Match Between Facebook and Google

Are you a Facebook user? I bet you are. Tell me names of Internet savvy users who are not on Facebook or does not have an account on Facebook. It’s hard right? The way that Facebook has captured us, is an obvious cause. Facebook almost caters to all the needs and wants of its every user. We looked at Facebook as a giant leap in the world of Social Media. Its main purpose is to socialize with other Social Media users for different reasons like personal and past time leisure or business related reasons. Thousands of social media users aged from 18 (young generations) to up to 55 and above are increasingly getting hooked on Facebook.Now, tell me names of relevant social media people who do not recognize or had never heard of or experienced Google. Google also swept off our feet when it arrived on our virtual world. Google even made a name (verb) that was added on Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary and Oxford English Dictionary since then, it has been a part of every man’s everyday language. Google had become very successful and was accepted by people in their everyday usage of the internet. Mostly, people rely on search engines to look or search for a certain information or details about a product, person, website address, places and many more. In short, Google is the most popular search engine commonly used by people that provides important and relevant information.Comparing these two different big names on the World Wide Web on which generate a bigger number of revenues, then Google is the answer. However, Facebook’s primary activity is to socialize with other people. Facebook undergoes translation of socialization activity into a commercial imperative that would be profitable for advertisers. It takes a lot of time for Facebook to catch up with Google’s achieved revenues. Sometimes, popularity alone does not bring revenue or marketing value. If Google is “Goliath”, then is it possible that Facebook is “David”?Facebook’s “Like” button suppose replacing Google’s links. A threat to “linking” had begun since the day Facebook introduced its “Like” button. Liking shows what’s our future with millions of users using Facebook every day. The “like” button brings with it too much probabilities and attention regarding service providers and retailers.Using Facebook in promoting your products and services on Social media is a good thing. We have known that a great huge number of users are hooked since it started. Use that advantage in promoting your business to other social media users. Enhance your page with the “like” button on your business page, articles, blog posts and any relatable pages on your business. Adding “like” button enhances your page by adding credibility on your site. Trust is crucial in building a good name for you business or web site. Usually, whenever a user on Facebook sees that your business has or on a Facebook business page and see the “like” button, assurance and credibility is somehow attainable. Especially when a prospect consumer or client sees proofs of your business’s credibility through testimonials like feedback, comments and complimentary remarks about your products or services offered. Every businessman’s goal is to conquer a great number of consumers that could lead to their business’ success. Thus, strategies and methods on how to attract consumers and huge traffic is a must in every businessman’s lists of tactics. Facebook’s “like” button brings along (invisible) huge traffic if you know its benefits. You see, every Facebook user has its own friends and every move or thing you do on your Facebook account is visible on your friends’ pages too. Example, when you “like” a certain product or website, your friends would know it too. Then they would be intrigued by what you had “liked” and would eventually lead them in looking over that certain product or site too. There is no doubt what the “like” button could attribute in increasing traffic in your blog or sites.On the contrary, Google as a search engine focuses on every search engine users needs by listing the most relevant results when searching for information or details about a certain topic. Google caters to millions of searchers everyday. No doubt on its claimed high revenue compared to other search engines like Yahoo!, Ask, alltheweb,, altavista, and a lot more. Aiming to get listed on Google’s top ranked sites is not an easy goal. Search engine optimization is a serious job.As far as marketing is concerned, Facebook and Google are both essential to business’s success but systematized differently. Facebook still needs a lot of time maybe years to prove significance when it comes to driving traffic by their “like” button compared to “links” of Google. Google’s aim is to attract direct sales for greater profit while Facebook aims to socialize and provide leisure at the same time. No matter which approach will you decide to utilize, remember that your content is the key for that desired traffic. It really does not matter where your traffic comes from or how is it tracked but prospect audiences will determined in the end depending on your content if your business would generate good sales, better profit and flocking customers and clients. As long as your business earns good, then you’re on the right track to success.